Financial Security

All of us work hard to improve the quality of our lives and of those people that are close to us. This applies to our families and indeed in some cases also to our partners in business and our employees. However life can take some unexpected turns that can have a devastating impact on your life and of those close to you. Chief among these are the impacts of a serious illness, an accident or indeed death.

However you can lessen the financial impact of these events and provide financial security for you and / or your family or business in such an event.  During our review we examine with you the impacts that an unforeseen event would have on the financial security of you and your loved ones and help you plan to reduce the impact.  We are  particularly mindful of providing for young families; it can be a hectic time having little ones

We plan to:

  • Provide financial security for your family, in the event of your death.
  • Provide financial security for your business in the event of your death so that the business can continue.
  • Remove the financial worries that would arise in the event of a serious illness to you or your spouse.
  • Secure a replacement for your income should you be unable to work due to illness or an accident.
  • Pay off your mortgage and other debts in the event of your death or that of your spouse.
  • Provide financial security by putting in place a long term savings and investments plan for you and your dependants
  • Provide financial security by starting a pension so you can afford to maintain your lifestyle in retirement

We work with you to help you assess the threats to your financial security. Once these are identified, we help you plan to manage these threats. Once we identify your requirements, we then recommend the best financial products to meet your requirements.  We take into account the benefits available under different products and indeed the costs of the products.

We work with you to gauge your expectations of the future and how you can meet them; putting in place the education saver for your children’s education, making sure there are savings for that rainy day and ensuring your retirement plan is on schedule to ensure you live your retirement years to the fullest!