Our Investment Philosophy
At Roban Financial our goal is for you to achieve your financial objectives, our role is to guide you there.

We believe in our clients’ ability to make their own decisions about the financial aspects of their lives.  We feel we can best serve you by giving you the benefit of our experience and expertise.

We will always view our products and services in terms of our clients’ needs, and we will continuously work with you to help you build the kind of future you desire for themselves.  We do this in the spirit of family values, life enjoyment and peace of mind for the future.

We give you advice you can trust from a team that cares about your financial life.


Our investment aim is to:

  • Combine performance with capital preservation, while responding to our clients’ needs and objectives
  • Understand our clients overall financial situation and how they view their own wealth
  • Identify the right asset allocation for our clients based on their long term Risk Tolerance
  • Monitor the performance of all investments in the context of our clients’ current position and rebalance their portfolio if required to suit a changing environment, either in a personal capacity or on a wider economic scale.
  • We look for a long term investor commitment with a 5 year minimum term from inception as market timing is “mission impossible”
  • We employ independent investment consultant’s iCubed, to ensure our process is structured and consistent.


The Principals of our Investment Approach are as follows:

  • A measured approach to risk – our clients portfolios are designed to match their personal tolerance for risk and expectation for returns.
  • Due to the volatile and ever changing environment we live in, we favour an investment strategy which is closely monitored to ensure that portfolios are adjusted to reflect an optimal profile.
  • True Value – we avoid asset class bubbles and instead look for the underlying long term value.
  • We place high emphasis on diversification thus endeavour to make the portfolio robust with the ability to capture broader opportunities and the ability to withstand volatile economic conditions


Roban Financial Portfolios provide Five Different Portfolios with Different Investment Objectives