With its origins in the US, ‘Black Friday’ has fast become a major event here in Ireland too with all major retailers offering not only ‘Black Friday’ specials but weekly specials and beyond!

It is human nature to love a bargain and to feel we have achieved really good value for our hard earned money so of course such sales are appealing to us all.

As an industry, there are often special offers too, be it competitive pricing for life protection plans or additional allocation for investment plans (whereby if you invest a lump sum you get more of your funds invested; for example you could actually get 101% of your funds invested immediately!). It is always worth asking your broker to keep you informed of such offers.

We do not believe your financial affairs should be dictated by such offers as we all need a financial plan suitable to our needs and means.

However we are happy to be able of offer best value, where there is a need.

At the moment, we can offer 10% additional discount off the lowest market price available on similar cover for life cover.   Therefore if you are considering life cover as a need now that you have a young family or have started a mortgage account for example, or if you simply want to see if your life cover can be obtained at a cheaper monthly premium, it is a good time to contact us.  The offer runs until 31st December 2016.

So for another ‘Black Friday’ special (of sorts!) contact us at 053 9233640!


This is an opinion only and does not constitute advice as individual circumstances will determine all financial advice given.