We cycled a stretch of the Waterford Greenway yesterday (from Dungarvan to Durrow to be exact) and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was nicely busy and so nice to see so many people, walking, running and cycling it, in particular lots of families with lots of kids either in little trailers behind their parents or cycling along themselves.

As an industry, we tend to focus on the long term and indeed we have to.  We have a responsibility to our clients to prepare for the long term and to have the necessary plans in place should the unexpected happen in the short term.

Unexpected illness or death can devastate a family.  Being financially prepared can at least ease some of the burden during a very difficult time in any families life.

Planning for the long term in planning for our children’s education gives them the best chance in life and a chance to do with their kids what their parents have done for them.

Pension planning allows us to have comfort in retirement and utilising that long wished for time, which was so scarce in the working years to do the nice things in life be it wander along the Waterford Greenway or similar or travel to far flung places!

And it is so important to do all that forward thinking and engage a broker like ourselves to put the necessary plans in place.  But it equally important to live in the moment, get out there with our families and enjoy the day that is in it!