The last couple of weeks likely saw a lot of you meeting with your Accountant to get the not so good news of tax due.  Of course a higher tax bill actually means ultimately higher profits for the previous which is actually good news.

So how did you feel this went for you?  And do you feel there is scope for additional or indeed new pension saving?

We have come through some tough recession years where many of us slashed or even ceased pension saving altogether.  We have simply got out of the habit.

Often it is on the to do list.  Well now is the time.  All the documentation has been gathered  and furnished to our Accountants, so it is a good time now to deal with setting up a new pension.  It will be set up for payment from the first of the new year, 2018!

A start is better than nothing at all; you can even start a pension with €50 per month. The funds compound and grow tax free due to treatment of Irish pension funds under pension legislation.

If you want to tick the next box on your to do list and make a start on your pension plan, do contact us at 053 9233640.