Several weeks into the New Year, how are your New Year Resolutions going?  The New Year is certainly a dream for the commercial world in terms of the products and goods we see in all the supermarkets and shops this time of the year.  I notice even my local Aldi is well tapped in to the typical person’s mind set at this time of year with everything from fitness gear to to do lists and notebooks – it’s all geared with new years resolutions in mind.

The overwhelming theme I find from talking to friends and family and indeed is ever so apparent in the media coverage is health and fitness, including weight loss.  Operation Transformation is back in full swing on our TV screens.  And all of this is extremely positive.

We want to lead healthy lives for ourselves and for our families.  I am sure those of us with young families, are predominantly thinking about them as our utmost motivation is being a healthy, able parent who will be here for a long time to come.  It is also vitally important to lead by example.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes illnesses do occur and accidents do happen, through no fault of our own.

As Financial brokers, a core part of our business is helping our clients protect themselves and their families in those instances.  We are passionate about making sure you have adequate provision in place in the event of illness, accident or in the worst case scenario death.

Protecting your salary is vital should you become unable to work due to illness or accident.  An Income Protection Plan can help alleviate the stress in that situation, at least financially, by providing you with an income after a period of time.  In addition providers of such plans can offer invaluable assistance in phased return to work, re-training for a new occupation, counselling etc.

Statistically serious illnesses are commonplace.  For example in 2015 Irish Life paid out the sum of €48 million in 763 Specified Illness Cover claims.  The good news is that statistically serious illness claims remain as such and do not turn into Death Claims.  Thus showing that for that period of any illness, financial aid is critical in terms of the needs of the claimant at the time and again alleviating the financial stress on the family, during that period where the claimant is unable to work.

Against all our wishes, there are also those who do not survive an accident or serious illness and a lump sum benefit for the family left behind, particularly for young children with their whole lives in front of them is vital.  We all want to be able to afford our children the best opportunities and education possible.

None of us want to think about such matters especially not in dark, dreary January.  However if it’s the time of making those New Year’s Resolutions, then I think protecting our family in the event of accident/illness or death, should be top of our list of priorities.  If you wish to discuss any of the above please contact us at 053 9233640.

This is an opinion only and does not constitute advice as individual circumstances will determine all financial advise given.