Most of us will have heard of Marie Kondo this year and her de-cluttering methods which are based on the ability of all your belongings to spark (or not as the case may be!) joy. Only when they spark joy should we keep such items.

I wholeheartedly agree with the concept whilst not always believing every last kitchen gadget for example will spark joy!

We can however apply the concept of de-cluttering and organisation to our entire lives and feel better for it.

In our roles as Financial Advisors, we frequently meet clients who genuinely do no know either the extent of the policies they have be it life, savings or pension or conversely the lack of protection, savings or pension they have!

It may be that you have to de-clutter and really get an understanding of what policies you have, what they entitle you to in the event of death/illness or at retirement stage. It may be that you feel you are adequately covered and prepared for the future but personal circumstances have changed for example a new addition to your family and you now need to review the level of protection cover you have or set up an additional education saver.

A financial review is always a good idea. Just like a good de-clutter it will serve to put you at ease and make you feel more organised and all the better for it!

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