Saving money is a fundamental skill we learn from childhood, evolving from piggy banks to more complex financial strategies as we grow older. Unlike the simplicity of a piggy bank, real-world savings require careful planning and consideration of various factors, such as interest rates and financial goals.

Whether it’s saving for a new home, planning a dream wedding, preparing for college fees, or building a safety net against unforeseen events, having a robust savings plan is crucial. Roban Financial offers diverse savings solutions tailored to individual needs, ensuring that your hard-earned money works effectively for your future.

Inspirational Stories of Financial Success

At the age of 42, Seán, a father of three, inherited a sum of money from his grandfather. He strategically allocated this windfall to enhance his family’s life: planning a family holiday and investing in his children’s future. He wisely chose an Investment Bond, appreciating its flexibility and control over investments. This decision demonstrates the significance of thoughtful financial planning for unforeseen life events.

Approaching her 50th birthday, Claire’s encounter with Roban Financial marked a pivotal moment in her financial journey. She decided to open a Regular Savings Plus plan, which complements her pension and aligns with her aspirations for early retirement. Claire’s story underscores the value of proactive financial planning in achieving personal goals and securing a comfortable future.

Building a Solid Foundation for Saving

Developing an effective savings strategy involves setting clear goals, estimating the costs associated with these goals, and budgeting accordingly. Roban Financial offers tools and advice to help you craft a savings plan that aligns with your financial aspirations and capabilities.


Regular Savings Plans:

These plans are ideal for those who wish to save consistently over an extended period. They offer the flexibility to choose investment funds based on individual risk profiles, ensuring a tailored approach to saving.

  • Ideal for those aiming to save for a minimum of five years.
  • Provides flexibility in accessing funds without penalties.
  • Allows savings from as little as €100 per month.
  • Offers options to adjust payment amounts and make lump-sum injections.
  • Enables customisation with a wide range of investment funds.
  • Allows monitoring of savings plan value through an online Client Centre.


Investment Bond for Lump Sum Investors:

If you have a substantial amount of money to invest, such as from an inheritance or accumulated savings, the Investment Bond is an excellent choice. This option allows for investment in a diverse range of funds, suited to various risk appetites, and offers flexibility in fund management.

  • Suitable for investing a lump sum for five years or more.
  • Requires a minimum investment of €5,000.
  • Offers a broad selection of investment funds tailored to risk profiles.
  • Provides flexibility in fund switching.
  • Ensures easy access to funds if needed, without penalties.
  • Enables online monitoring of investment bond value.

Combination Investors:

For those who have a lump sum to invest and also wish to save regularly, this option provides a balanced approach. It combines the benefits of lump-sum investing with the consistency of regular savings.

  • Ideal for those with a lump sum and an interest in regular saving.
  • Requires commitment to save regularly for at least five years.
  • Offers the potential for good returns on savings.
  • Allows savings from as little as €100 per month.
  • Provides customisation with a diverse range of investment funds.
  • Enables online value tracking of the savings plan.

Understanding Investment Risk and Return

The relationship between risk and return is a critical aspect of investing. Investments are categorised based on volatility over a five-year period, using a 1-7 scale. This helps you align your investment choices with your risk tolerance.


Maximising Your Investment with the Regular Savings Plan

The Regular Savings Plan simplifies the investment process, allowing you to select funds that match your risk profile and investment objectives. It’s essential to understand that investment values may fluctuate, but rest assured that your funds are managed by experienced investment professionals.


The Role of a Trusted Financial Broker

A Financial Broker, like those at Roban Financial, is pivotal in navigating the complex world of savings and investments. They help you identify the most suitable savings and investment products, tailored to your changing personal and financial circumstances. A broker’s expertise in risk and return, diversification, and understanding of your financial situation ensures that you make informed decisions that align with your long-term financial goals.


Key Factors in Choosing a Savings Plan

When selecting a savings plan, consider the recommended minimum term, access to funds, associated investment risks, and how returns are taxed. Investments can be complex, but choosing the right fund can significantly impact your long-term savings and investment returns. Your Trusted Financial Advisor will guide you through the available options, helping you select a product that aligns with your financial objectives and risk profile.


Deciding Between Saving and Investing

The choice between saving and investing depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Savings typically offer more immediate access to funds with minimal risk, ideal for short-to-medium-term goals. Investing, in contrast, is better suited for long-term goals and involves higher risks but offers the potential for greater returns.



Whether you’re saving or investing, the most important aspect is to find a strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance. Roban Financial is committed to guiding you through this journey, ensuring that your savings and investments are as effective and rewarding as possible.