Many Irish companies today have strong balance sheets with additional cash reserves that are not required for immediate running costs. If your company has surplus cash, have you considered how effectively it’s working for you? Traditionally, many companies hold these reserves in deposit or current accounts. While these have been seen as safe solutions for meeting cash flow and savings needs, the current economic climate suggests a need for reevaluation.

Cash on Deposit: A Potentially Inefficient Strategy

Deposits are convenient for short-term access to funds but come with significant drawbacks:

  • Inflation Impact: Deposits provide little protection against inflation, potentially eroding the future purchasing power of your company’s savings.
  • Tax Considerations: There are various taxes associated with saving through traditional deposit accounts.

Seeking Better Solutions

As a company director, it is crucial to consider several factors when deciding how to manage your company’s surplus cash:

  1. Time Horizon: Determine the investment duration for different parts of your company’s portfolio.
  2. Risk Profile: Assess the level of risk your company is willing to take to achieve growth.
  3. Access to Funds: Effective cash flow planning is essential to understand how much of the surplus can be invested without affecting operational needs.

For those interested in medium to long-term investments with the potential for higher returns than traditional deposits and the possibility to outpace inflation, consider exploring diversified investment options.

Investment Opportunities with Roban Financial

Roban Financial offers tailored savings and investment solutions designed to make your company’s money work harder. Here’s how we can help:

Flexible Product Structures

Our investment products, such as the Investment Bond and Corporate Saver Plan, offer flexible options to suit your company’s needs:

  • Starting with as little as €100 per month: Ideal for companies looking to begin with smaller amounts.
  • Adjustable contributions: You can vary your regular payments and add lump sums starting from €2,500.
  • Fund changes without charge: Adapt your investments to changing needs without additional costs.

Potential for Better Returns

Investing with Roban Financial provides your company with the opportunity to benefit from compounded growth:

  • Tax Efficiency: Unlike direct deposits, investments in our plans are subject to exit tax only on withdrawal or at specific intervals, potentially allowing for greater growth over time.
  • Surcharge Exemption: Investments within life assurance policies are exempt from the close company surcharge, which can significantly reduce tax liabilities.

Responsible Investment Options

We also offer funds with responsible investment principles, allowing your company to invest in a way that aligns with ethical standards and contributes to positive global impacts.

Comparing Returns: Corporate Saver Plan vs. Direct Deposit

Here is a comparison of returns over six years for a Corporate Saver Plan versus a direct deposit:


Investment in a Corporate Saver Plan

Direct Deposit




Assumed Return



Investment Value After 6 Years



Gross Return



Gross Return %



Exit Tax @ 25%


Total Corporation Tax @ 25%


Total Six Years Close Company Surcharge


Net Return



Net Return %



This example demonstrates how investing in a Corporate Saver Plan can potentially yield significantly higher returns compared to keeping funds in a deposit account, even after accounting for taxes and other charges.

Next Steps

To explore how Roban Financial can help your company maximise its surplus cash, contact us today. Our team will work with you to understand your company’s goals and develop a tailored investment strategy.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit or call us directly on 053 9233640. 

Let’s make your company’s money work as hard as you do.