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Guardians versus Godparents

I read a very interesting blog recently by Eoin O’Gorman (referenced with Eoin’s permission; please see , a Wexford based Solicitor who wrote about a question he often gets asked namely whether the selection of Godparents for their children…

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Why are we afraid to talk about Life Cover?

Life cover in many cases should, in my opinion, be as high on our list of priorities as house or car insurance. Why?  If we think about it we all acknowledge that our home is hughly important as is our…

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Taxation: Inheritance tax implications for unmarried couples

Unmarried co-habiting couples are frequently unaware of inheritance tax implications on claims over life cover policies and the legitimate means of managing those – according to Caledonian Life. Evidence from brokers suggests that many co-habiting couples are under the false…

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